Dreame Line Productions - Live Audio Services

Live Audio Services

Not the kind of services you would usually expect from a Studio/Production company!

There are, actually, quite a few tie-ins between the studio and live worlds, so we feel it appropriate to offer these services as a, kind of, end-to-end package.

Key elements:

  • - FoH Live Sound engineering
  • - Onstage Monitor mix (including in ear monitoring)
  • - Audio file preparation for backing tracks (e.g. for Ableton Live)
  • - Help with design for specialist live rigs

All the mixing stuff is pretty self explanatory, but our mobile recording rig utilises a rack mounted digital mixer. This means we can come to your rehearsals and do the main preparation work for both your FoH and monitor mixes. It even includes In Ear Monitoring (for hygienic purposes, you will need to provide your own ear pieces).

If you use backing tracks, we can sort out the audio stems, in terms of EQ and levels etc. and help you design, and prepare, your playback method.

All this is charged at a flat rate of £15 per hour.


Midas Mixing Console


We're currently offering a completely free, no strings, mix.

Send us a link to any music you have online. If we like what we hear, we will be in touch. We will ask you to send us the raw audio files, and some details, of the song you want us to mix and return a completed mix
That's it! All we ask, in return, is to credit us, if you use the mix, & allow us to put it on our site. You retain all the rights.
Send an e-mail to info@dreameline.com