Dreame Line Productions - Post Production Services

Post Production

This is the stage where we fix anything, with the audio, you're not happy with, without having to go back to the recording studio.

This stage covers all the various elements required to prepare your files for mixing. These include:

  • - Re-recording
  • - Re-amping
  • - Drum replacement
  • - Vocal tuning
  • - Editing

The creative process does not stop at the recording stage. Post-Production elements (especially Editing) can truly enhance your material.

There are some things that just cannot be fixed through manipulation of the audio files. In such cases, these elements need to be re-recorded. Instead of paying full studio fees, we provide such recording capabilities within our studio.
We can provide our own musicians, for re-recording, or you can come to us.

For example - we had a client who recorded an album and decided all the bass lines were wrong. Instead of returning to the studio, they came to us to re-record the bass guitars.

It's not really feasible to provide fixed prices here as the effort required can vary dramatically, so we've attempted to provide some guide prices below. For file based treatments, we will ask you to send us the file(s), before we provide a price, so that we can assess the extent of the work required.

You will automatically get a 15% discount, on one of our mixing services, if you also ask us to do any post-production work and mix the same song.



We can correct minor pitch discrepancies in vocal tracks with imperceptible results. We can even copy the main vocal and manipulate it to create harmonies.

This does not result in the same "auto-tuned" robotic sound that gives the process a bad name,

If the vocal take is way out of tune, it will need to be re-recorded.

Rode Microphone
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We take your audio stem and use the good parts to replace any bad parts. This could be to repair errors in timing or performance, or just something faulty with a section of the original stem. This works for any track that has any repetition.

We can use a similar process for drum replacement (e.g. moving audio segments around to remove any issues).

ProTools Arrangement View
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We're currently offering a completely free, no strings, mix.

Send us a link to any music you have online. If we like what we hear, we will be in touch. We will ask you to send us the raw audio files, and some details, of the song you want us to mix and return a completed mix
That's it! All we ask, in return, is to credit us, if you use the mix, & allow us to put it on our site. You retain all the rights.
Send an e-mail to info@dreameline.com