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We take your individual audio stems & mix them into a balance, polished & coherent song.

Mixing is our primary service.

The BASIC level has a faster turnaround, as the workflow is shorter. The output is well balanced mix, show casing your songs with a professional feel. This is especially ideal for demos and live promos.

The ADVANCED level utilises more complicated techniques, including automation, to produce a "proper" mix of your song. This would be a well balanced, polished, mix suitable for final mastering.

The starting prices are for 24 tracks/stems. This is plenty for most songs. We will work with up to 64 tracks, but have to charge extra, simply because it means there are more channels to process, so the whole thing takes longer (e.g. it takes more than twice the time to process two guitar tracks than it does to process one, as there are more sounds we have to find "space" for.).

In the first instance we will provide you with an MP3 file, of the finished mix, for your approval/notes/comments. The price includes two "rounds" of ammendments (so make sure your comments are comprehensive!). Beyond this, additional re-mixes are charged at an hourly rate. When you're happy, we will send you 24bit & 16bit Wave files, of the final mix.

If you use Pro Tools, Ableton Live or Propellerhead's Reason, you can send us a copy of your project (convert any virtual instruments to audio first). Otherwise we will require:

  • - A list of all your tracks
  • - The TEMPO(s) used in the song
  • - The TIMING(s) used in the song
  • - A "map" of the song arrangement (i.e. bar count for each section)
  • - A compressed ZIP file containing all your audio files

Each audio file must start at the beginning of the song and run until that track is no longer required i.e. each file must be end-to-end.

We prefer to work with 24bit 96kHz audio, but can work with up to 128kHz (there is no real benefit of such a high resolution) and down to 16bit 44kHz.

We will also ask you to provide us with some examples of other music that you feel to be reasonably close to the sound you are after (i.e. reference tracks).

When we accept your booking, we will send you details of how to get the files to us and how to make payment (we accept PayPal or bank transfer).

If you have any questions, or need any advice, please do not hesitate to send us an e-mail to info@dreameline.com.

Prices are per song. Additional songs are each entitled to a 10% discount.



We create a balanced mix, from your stems; using advanced EQ, compression, etc. to carve out space for each track.

ProTools Mix Screen
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We take your audio files (stems) and mix them into a polished and balanced song using more advanced techniques, and editing, to sweeten the finished product.

Analogue Compressors
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This covers a multitude of services, including editing, re-recording, re-amping, drum replacement etc. If we do any POST PRODUCTION work, on any of the tracks, for your song, you will automatically get a discount applied if you then ask us to mix THAT song.

Outboard Rack Equipment
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If you need us to mix more than 24 tracks, we have to charge more.

This is priced at £2, per extra track, for a BASIC mix and £4, per track for an ADVANCED mix.

The track limit is 64 per song.

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We're currently offering a completely free, no strings, mix.

Send us a link to any music you have online. If we like what we hear, we will be in touch. We will ask you to send us the raw audio files, and some details, of the song you want us to mix and return a completed mix
That's it! All we ask, in return, is to credit us, if you use the mix, & allow us to put it on our site. You retain all the rights.
Send an e-mail to info@dreameline.com